This site is about Elsa, a 1985 Krogen 38 and about Krogen 38's generally.

The site has been growing gradually since 2006 and douments some of the work done on Elsa, hull 61 and a few of her adventures.

Though little known in the UK these beautiful boats have an excellent reputation in the United States © are well loved by their owners worldwide.

More recently however the forum has developed into a resource for Krogen 38 owners, past, present and future.

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Servicing of the liferaft - 12-01-2007
We finally got around to taking Elsa's liferaft to be serviced today. The service record inside the survival rations showed that the raft was commissioned in 1987 and has never been serviced - eek! It's testimony to the quality of Zodiac liferafts that an unserviced 20 year old raft still inflated with relatively minor persuasion required. We now await the verdict of the service engineers (Ocean Safety, Port Glasgow) about whether it's a viable raft. Fingers crossed!

Apologies for these poor quality pix. We managed to forget the camera despite returning home specifically to get it !?! These were taken on my phone

Summer 2008
We've been a bit quiet on this site this year, but just to prove that Elsa is still out there and we do occasionally get away from our desks to visit her, here are some pictures from our main summer holiday in 2008. Twas the Clyde and inner hebrides again and this time in the company of our friends Danielá © Jiří from the Czech Republic. The weather was pretty grim for most of the two weeks, so it perhaps wasn't the best introduction to sailing for our friends, but hopefully they havent been too put off Because we weren't sailing with another boat this time, there are unfortunately very few photos of Elsa herself, which is a great pity, but here's what we have. This was the first opportunity we'd had to get the centerboards down for cleaning, antifouling and general inspection. We were rushing about trying not to hold up the people waiting for the hoist, so didnt get before pictures, or pictures of the boards in their normal operational postion, but these pix of them fully extended give the general idea.

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Polished, antifouled and ready for launch - Still no sails, but water coming soon!

Bowsprit © barnacle anchor - Also gold leaf detail repainted

Gold detail, starboard side - repainted using gold hammerite. Dont know how well this will work out in a marine environment; time will tell but so far so good.

In the hoist and heading for the water. - Donny was brilliant again getting Elsa hoisted up and moving her about the yard. Really gentle and careful.

Close up of Elsa in the hoist.

Elsa and Rob.

Rudder board, port side

The Journey North (Feb 10/11th 2006) A few pictures of Elsa's trip from the river Avon in Evesham to DRB Marine, Rosneath, Scotland. Many many thanks to all involved, particularly, Steve Smith and gang @ Evesham Marina, Jim from John Shepherd Boat Transport and Donny © Jean @ DRB Marine for their skill and the great care taken in handling Elsa.

On her way - Elsa heading along the river Avon through Evesham on her way to the Marina - Taken from the stone bridge in Evesham - Thanks for rushing to take this one for us Dad xx

Arrival of the long strops - Kindly donated by Sankey Marine © very much appreciated.

Long strops in place and ready to go. - Is Elsa looking nervous?

Approaching the Erskine Bridge - Due to a series of landrover problems (Anyone who knows us will know this is not an unusual circumstance!) We didnt see Elsa again until the Erskine bridge - I wonder what she thought of Glasgow.