Yacht Elsa Projects and Forum

We've moved the projects section of the website here to the forum so you can add your own stuff, which is bound to be more interesting than ours! If you've made a modification to your Krogen 38, big or small, we'd love to hear about your ideas, successes and even failures if you're brave enough :)

We've had some lovely e-mails from other Krogen 38 owners through Elsa's website © thought it would be nice to create a place where you can all get in touch with each other if you want to. Please feel free to post anything vaguely Krogen 38 related here; questions, ideas, or just a bit about you and your boat.

Janet © Richard
We have never seen a boat taken from the water before. The way it was done was very interesting to see. From the skill of the crane driver to the boat transport driver (whose experience showed when the only exit from the boat yard was through the tiny space left to him in King Street. It was excellent and extremely professional. Now we have seen the 'before' photos, look forward to seeing some of the 'after' photos some time in the future.

Andrew Thompson
I took the photo of Elsa in the Med! It was a cold February morning in Ibiza town. I was helping Adrian sail her to mainland Spain before she came overland to Evesham! We got nearly 9 knots at one stage(The last time the mast was up by the way!!)A wonderful boat. Great website. Happy sailing

Adrian Gray
Hi Claire and Rob, Sorry not to have made it for the wetting event and to see you both, as you can see I'm not in the Country, I hope to get to see Elsa soon when the weather improves and before the midges start decending in droves!! Love best wishes to you both, and thanks for breathing life back into ELSA

Daniel Powers
Hi, Really enjoyed your site! Will check in from time to time to see whats new. You two have done a wonderful job bringing Elsa back to life. I had actually seen her online for sale. I am looking into aquiring a Krogen 38' center board in the not to distant future. I would love to read more about your Elsa and your exploits with her. Happy sailing! you have a beautiful vessel. Sincerely, Daniel Powers

Harry Russell
Retired, moving to live on Vancouver Island...little place called Comox. Was going to go with Krogen 42 trawler...now you've sure got me thinking...wondering if the full keel isn't better for where I'm heading...Pacific NW coast up to Alaska.'Greensleeves' is for sale East coast US. Any thoughts ??