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bob © libbi bergman
good web site; we are former owners of Liberte, and are looking for her current location. cruised her extensively and could be of considerable help to owners/buyers.

Bryn Ponti
Hi Claire! You had geiven us the info to join the forume a while back. Sorry but I lost the info. Could you tell me again how to get on the site. Bryn SV Sea Tryst Also I see that the son of the original owners would like to get in touch with us. Could you get our email to him?

Jim Catrambone
Hi, Love the site and greatly appreciate being able to research the Kadey Krogen Clipper here. I'm a former boat builder turned high school math teacher and am on the verge of purchasing a K38 in bad need of restoration. Let's hope this come to fruition for me. I should know within the next few weeks and then, I have a wonderful little story to share with you about how I found this little vessel.

Hi! we just bought Mari's Pearl down in FLorida, we are absentee owners until next December when we will go down and overhaul to get ready to cruise the Caribbean. The first of what I am sure will be many questions is, where is the best place to put solar panels? We're thinking on top of the bimini but are wondering if that gets awkward with the boom gallows. Please sign us up as members on the site, we look forward to participating and maybe meeting up with other Krogens in Florida? Thanks!!

Darren McDonald
Hi Claire. I just wanted to drop a note about Sea Tryst Hull#58. I am the son of the earlier owners. My parents lived on Sea Tryst in Bayville, NJ for approximately 13 years (1987-2000). In 2000, they retired early and cruised the Bahamas and south for one year. Nothing but good stories about their beloved boat. Within 3 months of there arrival at their new townhome in Pt. St. Lucie, my mom succumbed to heart issues. I have nothing but great memories of that boat. My Dad sold it about 1 year after mom died and would love to get in contact with the new owners somehow. I noticed below that it was purchased by Bryn/Scott Ponti. I just wanted to share this story as that KK38 changed their lives. Thanks, Darren McDonald.

Christopher D. Alexander
Hello, I am a KK38 Fanatic and have been following them since their inception. To clarify a few things: Pelican was James Krogens personal boat. It has a 12ft cockpit and on the interior the master cabin was done away with and the galley was moved forward to where the settee is. Did you know there was one KK38 pilothouse/motorsailor built? It was for sale about 8 years ago in the San Francisco Bay area. I have pictures from Yachtworld if you would like. Could you please add me to your site? I would love to participate as much as possible.